Life in the countryside #6: Entertainment

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Finally I got to the last post of my countryside series and if you haven’t read them yet, you can find the previous parts here:

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In my last post I will be talking about entertainment in the countryside or how to make time pass faster. :D As you can see, time is relative: in certain situations it passes fast and in other situation it passes slow. Whenever I go to the countryside, time seems to pass slow, especially because my grandfather doesn’t use the Daylight Saving Time. So we always get confused when we have to know what time is it. x) Another reason why time passes slow in the countryside is related to modern technology: my grandfather doesn’t even have television, not to mention internet connection. My grandfather was even afraid of the classic telephone and that’s why whenever we have to make a call in the village, we call the aunt’s house. The last reason why time passes slow is because I don’t have anyone my age to talk with.

But let me tell you how I killed time in the countryside: Continue reading

Life in the countryside #5: The door lock

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Well can’t believe it, but here I am on the 5th part of my countryside adventures. I guess that being in the countryside wasn’t quite 100% boring since I had a lot to blog about. ^^;

I remind you again that if you haven’t read the previous parts, you can find them here:

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Today I am going to talk about a very awkward situation and to I will prove you the fact that the air head condition is contageous. I am going to tell you how I broke the door lock at my aunt’s house. :D Continue reading

Life in the countryside #4: The septic pit

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So here I am getting to the next part of my countryside adventures. If you haven’t read them yet, you can read the previous parts here:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

In the following parts I will talk about the main events that happened during those 2 weeks I spent at the countryside. The stories are quite long so I have decided to divide them in other parts. ^^; These events involve the daily lives of the people who live in my mother’s village. And once you stay at the countryside for at least 1 week, you might notice that some of the villagers are a bit air headed. ^^; But let me start the series of short stories to get more clear:

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Life in the countryside #3: Farm animals

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I’m heading right now to part 3 of my adventures in the countryside and in this part I am going to write about animals at the farm.

You can also check the previous parts about my life in the countryside:

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Animals at the farm are my favourite part on the countryside. I love all kinds of farm animals from cats, dogs to cows and pigs and I can’t help myself to pet them. o(^o^)o And in this post I’m going to show you a collection of animals at the farm and a short story about them. So, let’s begin! :)

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Life in the countryside #2: Hay season

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It is time to write the part 2 of my adventures in the countryside. If you haven’t read the first part, you can read it here.

Today I’m going to talk about the “dark side” of the countryside: farm labor. Yes, dear readers, I wasn’t actually on vacation, I also worked at my grandfather’s farm. And no, I didn’t like doing farm labor because I’m not ment for this kind of work. I’d rather stay 10 hours in the office than go on the field. x) And this is the situation: some people are not made to be doctors, other or not made to be engineers, others are not made to be rock stars and other are not made for farm labor.

During summer in North West Transylvania is hay season. The farmers are mowing down the grass on the hayfields and they are drying the hay. There are 3 essential steps when working with hay: you swath to dry, than you turn it on the other side to dry even better, than you gather it into small piles and than you gather the hay in a big pile which has the shape of a pear. That big pile is called in North-West Transylvanian slang “fârcitură”. If you own a tractor and a trailer and you have enough space in the attick of the barn you can directly take the hay back home after it dries. Gathering the whole hay in a huge pile is a method used about 100 years ago and my grandfather still insists on using it even though he is very old and his feet are hurting him. x) Continue reading

Life in the countryside #1

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After 2 weeks I am finally back from the countryside. \(^-^)/ These two weeks were quite long and full of events so I will have to split the post about life in the countryside in several parts. I also have lots of photos which I shared along these days whenever I could climb up the hill for some internet connection. Now… Where do I start from?

First of all I would like to tell you that my grade was not raised after the re-examination unfortunately. It was bad luck with the sickness I had that week so I barely studied. Right now, after calculating the final grade on the first year of Masters, I find out that I am at 0.08 distance from a scholarship. Oh well, shit happens, but I am glad that I am healthy right now. :D I will see in the fall how I will get myself extra money. (^-^)a

Ok, back to the life in the countryside… In the first weekend I got there it was a village reunion. A teacher who was also born in my mother’s home village decided to make this reunion called “Sons of the village” in my country. The reunion started on Saturday with a meeting where they discussed about old papers regarding the forests which belonged to my great grandparents and which forests now belong to the Orthodox Church and the comunal authorities. At the meeting they have mostly discussed about their attempt to take back the forests in the court which was a failure due to the fact that the village people weren’t united. At the meeting because of this topic people almost got into fights.  Continue reading

When the Universe is against


I don’t want to start 
Any blasphemous rumors
But I think that God’s 
Got a sick sense of humor 

Hello, everyone! ♥

I’ve been apsent from the blog and internet, but not because I had to study for the re-examination which is tomorrow, it’s mostly because I suddenly got very sick. Continue reading

Sailor Moon Crystal review

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I managed to watch the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal and I must say is really awesome! :D Of course, it isn’t the same as the classic Sailor Moon anime I grew with, but I must say that Sailor Moon Crystal is improved and respects the story line from the manga. Yes, I once  read the first act of the manga. :)  And since I know the first episode of Sailor Moon by heart I can easily spot the differences between the episode released in 1992 and the one released in 2014.

Here are the following differences between Sailor Moon Crystal and Sailor Moon classic: Continue reading

5 reasons why I don’t like going in the countryside


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I would like to tell you that in the following 3 weeks I will be present on the blog quite rare and that’s because in the following weeks I am going to be busy, respectively out of the service area. First of all on Friday I have re-examination at Advanced Design in Steel Structures and I have to study again. I hope that this time I will nail it and get a high score so I could have 9,50 to get a scholarship in the fall semester. If this re-examination won’t be a success, then, oh well! :/ I’m moving on! It’s not going to be a tragedy if I won’t have scholarship the next semester.

My vacation destination hasn’t been changed for the past 16 years. Every summer we spend about 3 weeks in the countryside at my grandfather. The reason is that my grandfather is all by himself there and he needs company and help at the farm from time to time. And we go there quite rare (about 3 times a year) because the village is at about 200 km far from my hometown. So seems legit with the long stay during summer time.

When I was a kid I used to like in the countryside, but now that I became an adult I started to dislike being there and here are the 5 reasons why I don’t like going in the countryside: Continue reading