Ruki on the cover of a new Visual Kei magazine

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Hello, everyone! ♥

A new Visual Kei magazine called Stuppy is going to be released in Japan, on April 24th, 2014 and Ruki will be on the front cover. This is the best Easter present a fan could ever receive. (;-;)

I don’t know what you think you fans, but the GazettE always find special moments in the year to release something. They released BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY a day before my birthday now Ruki is on the front cover of the first issue of Stuppy right after Easter. It could be just a coincidence, it could be… But do you believe in coincidences? :D

Anyway, I can’t say anything else besides I can’t wait to see more from this magazine. (^-^) I can’t say more because right now my hormones hurt me. Ooops! Did I say that? (. .) I’m sorry but Ruki with pink hair tips and pink sun glasses and dark violet lips is too much to handle. (:3 _ )_

Seeing this teaser really made my day! (^-^) またね!(^o^)/

Has Easter become superficial?


Hello, everyone! ♥

Today it was Palm Sunday which means that next week is going to be Easter. In the recent years I’m not sure if the big holidays such as Christmas or Easter have become superficial or I’m just getting older. I’ve written a post about Christmas and now it’s time to write Easter and about the superficial aspects of the greatest celebration of Christians. First of all, I would like to tell you that I like Easter more than Christmas. The reason is simple! (^-^) The weather is warmer than on Christmas, especially if Orthodox Easter is sometime in May like it was last year. This means that you can spend more time outside and you have a large variaty of choosing outfits for the celebration. But still, there are some aspects that I don’t like about Easter… Continue reading

Valar Morghulis

Hello, everyone!♥

If you are a Game of Thrones fan like me, you will understand where does the expression Valar Morghulis comes from. :D Yes, the 4th season of this wonderful TV show based on George R.R. Martins book A Song Of Ice And Fire has started on April 7th, 2014 on HBO. I was so happy to see the first episode and meet again my favourite characters:

Tyrion Lannister – the one who is always sarcastic and has something to say in every situation. He is the black sheep of the House of Lannister.

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I am selfish when it comes to my health

I like this monkey! :D

I like this monkey! :D

Hello, everyone! ♥

I didn’t want to talk about my left eye issue anymore, but something made me write this post at this hour at night. It’s 12:11 am at the moment in East Europe. Today I was at the big check up at the eye surgery clinic and I was very happy to hear that everything is fine at the moment and that I don’t need surgery. They put me into a supermicroscope to see the wound magnified 1000 times. It was “the best” sensation ever. Before it was my turn I was really nervous because there were a lot of people having surgeries at their eyes and they were coming out wearing eye patches. And that really scared me at the thought that I might be in their situation. But, thank God, I’m not going to be. (. .) Continue reading

Short stuff #11: Bad luck and other stuff

Hello, everyone! ♥

My left eye has finally healed. (^-^) I was at the eye doctor last Saturday and the doctor put me a contact lens that acts like an eye patch or like a bandage to my wound. I was happy to blink again and more than that I was happy to sleep. (^-^) If I don’t sleep 8-9 hours I can not function normally.


Right in the picture above, I wanted to show you how I look with one contact lens. It’s really funny that I have odd eyes. I look like Marylin Manson.  Can you see the blue circle around my left eye’s iris? That’s the contact lens. I tried to take as much as possible a very good picture. (^-^;) It’s the first time I’m wearing contact lens so I have to ask the doctor to get it out for me because I don’t know. :-S

I have to see the doctor tomorrow for another check up. The eye specialist will decide if I need surgery to close the wound or to continue with the treatment. Also, because of this problem, I gave up on a field trip to Somaco Teius, a factory that produces prefabircated reinforced concrete elements. I have been to a prefabricated concrete factory before, to Leier actually, and I know that inside is a possibility to find very fine industrial dust that might get into my eyes and all the efforts to heal my left eye would be useless.  Continue reading

An eye for an eye

Hello, everyone! ♥

You were wondering why I haven’t posted anything these days? Well, I was planning on writing a before and after or a review post about the new Romanian Design Standards. I wanted to talk about the Design Code for Snow Action called CR-1-1-3 from 2012, the Design Code for Wind Action or CR-1-1-4 from 2012 and the Design Code for Seismic Actions called P100/1 from 2013. But, unfortunately, something unpredictable came up.

Remember when sometime in February when I had the problem with my left eye? I have accidentally poked it with the finger a week before my birthday and since then I’ve been having troubles with it until I started the treatment with artificial tears and antibiotics. The left eye was ok until yesterday morning when suddenly it swelled again and started to turn red, teary and sore. The eye specialist has warned me that if the eye is stressed, the wound will open again. And after the Daylight Saving, or around it not sure, I did have some funny sympthomes in the morning, but they were disappearing quickly as I was following the treatment with artificial tears.  Continue reading

100 followers! Thank you very much! ありがとうございます!

Today I hit 100 followers on this and I want to thank you for reading my blog! (^o^)b And since I hit a round number it is time to make some improvements on my posts. The big improvement I want to make is to try as much as possible to post photos along with the written text. I was spying on other bloggers and I think it would be more dynamic if I had some photos in it. (^_^)a

I’ll try to do my best with the blog and I hope there will be more followers in the future.  (^o^)9

Once again:

Thank you very much! ♥


Skyscrapers are dancing in Japan

I came across this video yesterday. The guy who filmed it seemed to be entertained by the swaying skyscraper.

”すごい!” he said.

If I had experienced this live, I would have said:


And maybe piss myself shiver from fear! ^^;

Yes, I don’t know how an earthquake feels like because Transylvania isn’t an area with high seismic activity. So if I make it to Japan I just don’t know how would I react at an earthquake or when I see a dancing skyscraper! ^^;

Anyway, I managed to see a real life storey drift caused by lateral forces. Until then everything was theoretically and I had to use my imagination to picture the building subjected at earthquake. It is proved that the higher the building, the higher the displacements at the top storeys will be. That’s why the displacements caused by lateral forces (earthquake in this case) must be limited as much as possible and also the building must undergo a Push-Over Analysis.

Daylight Saving Time aftermath

Hello, lovelies! ♥

Last night it was Daylight Saving Time which means that the clock went 1 hour in advance. 3 am became 4 am, thus this Sunday has only 23 hours and everyone who lives in the countries that practice Daylight Saving Time has slept fewer hours. This Daylight Saving Time, even though it has the big advantage of using more natural light and reducing the energy consumption, this practice has also some disadvantages that affect people in more or less manners.

One of the most common aftermath of Daylight Saving is excessive fatigue. Because our bodies didn’t get used to the new schedule, when we wake up early at, let’s say 7 am, the body feels like we woke up at 6 am. So imagine how hard will be on Wednesday and Thursday when I have to wake up early if I don’t adapt my sleeping schedule. Also some people may be depressed or the ones who suffer from blood pressure may also have some problems.  Continue reading

Earth Hour tonight

Every year when the Daylight Saving takes place in the last week of March, on Saturday evening is Earth Hour. Everyone turns their lights off for 1 hour to see what? How much energy do we save if we stay with our lights off? I must say that in some people’s naivity think they save the planet like that. My opinion? Earth Hour is just another celebration which raises me interest as much as Valentines Day aka I don’t care!

Before starting throwing stones at me for having a different opinion, first of all I have to tell you that being civil engineer, I hear every day the same story: economical structural design, building material recycling, passive houses. This means that as an engineer is my duty to think about this planet and about energy saving. I have talked many times about passive houses, about energy classes at buildings, about trying as much as possible to avoid heath loses into a building.  Continue reading