The signs of being 25


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Another year passed, another birthday and in this post I am not going to rant about how my past birthdays sucked and how different is going to be this year because it is quite boring, I will make it a negative post and I will become boring and stuff. Starting today I have reached an age which is quite at the borders between youth and adulthood and it also marks a quarter of existance: the big 25. And on the big 25, as in any other major age (16, 18, 20), some things happen that give you a hint that you are not the person that you used to be anymore. And I found out by reading this article on BuzzFeed website.

Out of the 25 points listed in that article, there are certain things that apply to me, but some of them don’t. I will take each point and explain it: Continue reading

Failed acnee treatment

Hello, everyone! <3
I have a short post about something that happened in the past 2 days. Almost a month ago, after my mother ranted about it a lot, I went to see a dermathologist to find a cure for my acnee problem. The dermathologist said that the issue comes from the fact that my skin is oily, she prescribed me treatment and everyone was happy. I have been using this treatment for a month until Sunday, when suddenly my underchin started to itch. At first I thought it was stress, because sometimes stress causes itching, but actually was the medication for acnee. :/
First of all let me show you what I was recommended by the doctor: Continue reading

Visit on the completed Sports Center

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Well, long time no see! (^~^;) That’s because, as I warned you before, the school has started and now I have assignments and project to work on. Last Monday I did something I haven’t done for long time since I’ve been in Engineering School: visiting a construction site. :D Well, this wasn’t actually a construction site, because the building is completed and ready to be given away to the rightful owner, but the teacher wanted to show us the structure while the building was still under work in progress. In the Sports Center, the construction workers were taking care of the finishing layers.

At first I would like to show you the facade:

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Romania has a cave that looks like a…

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Before reading I must tell you that this post has content that may be found distrubing by some readers. Also I would like to please excuse the language, but what I am going to talk about is some geographical points in Transylvania. 

Last week I was watching a tv show called Cronica Cârcotașilor which shows up a lot of tv bloopers and gags. This tv show presented a short reportage about a place from Romania which has a cave with an odd and pervert shape. :D The place is at the borders between Sălaj and Maramureș county, in the village called Poiana Blenchii. In the reportage they were talking mostly about to whom belongs the cave: to Sălaj theritory or Maramureș. You can find the reportage here (it is in Romanian).  Continue reading

All about Structural Engineering: the final semester


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First of all I want to tell you that I call this semester “the final semester”, because this is the last time I will be taking part in lectures and seminars and it will be the last time I will be working on projects and assignments. :D The second semester of the final year of Master of Science level is dedicated only to working at the dissertation project and there will be no more lectures and seminars. Theoretically I will be graduating in June 2015. :D

In the last semester of  having lectures and seminars, we only have 4 subjects which are called by the school staff “optional”. They are “optional” because before finishing the first year of Master, we had to choose 4 different subjects out of a list. So I chose Tall Structures and Structures with Large Spans, Technologies for Consolidation of Foundations, Prestressed Concrete Structural Elements and Management of Human Resources. Out of these 4 choices I made last summer, only one is a part of my schedule. The rest were none of my choice and (oh, the irony! :/) they are based on Steel Structures field. Well, I got used to the idea of having a lot of subjects based on Steel Structures because I believe I will be able to learn very well the design of them given the fact that the previous semesters I have been studying Steel Structures were quite dissapointing. :/

So in the following paragraphs I will briefly describe the 4 subjects I will be studying this last semester and also I am going to show you some of my impressions about these subjects. I will start with the order I have them on my schedule: Continue reading

The very last days of vacation

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My very last weekend from my very long summer vacation was quite busy and a bit stressful for me. I returned to my apartment after 3 months of absence on Friday night, on a rainy day. It was 10 pm and all the bus ticket booths were closed. For the tram I had one half ticket (I mean one ride, because in this city the tickets are available 2 rides), but for the bus to my district, I had no ticket. I was really lucky, there was no bus supervisor along the route. :D Continue reading