Introducing the female volleyball team

Hello, everyone! ♥

So a week ago after the closing of the Artist’s Camp, on the same day, was the introduction of the my hometown’s female volleyball team. Last year this team won the bronze in the National Female Volleyball Championship and this year we are going on the European Championship. And that’s why our team has new forces. (^-^)b

The event started with a one hour concert of the Romanian rock-folklore band Hara. Hara wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but these guys are very good, especially their violonist. And their songs are very catchy! :D I was really close to them and it felt really cool! :D Unfortunately, Hara is a bit underrated in my country, because in Romania, mostly, dance and house music is promoted. :( Too bad! :(

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The Artist’s Camp

Hello, everyone! ♥

Last week my hometown hosted the 18th edition of the Artist’s Camp. The Artit’s Camp is an event which takes place in my hometown every year in August and it gathers several artists from Romania, like painters, sculptors and graphic artists. These artists walk in my hometown for inspiration and draw different sceneries from  it and at the end of the camp, they make a final exhibition with their works at my hometown’s museum of modern art.

I really love drawing, since I am also a bit of an artist. But I don’t like drawing still lifes or sceneries, I like drawing manga and I really loved to be a mangaka, but my parents decided that Maths is more important than Arts so my drawing skills were quite ignored. (;^;) By taking part in the opening and final exhibition, I remembered that I also used to draw and how I used to spend hours creating manga characters.

Here are a few of my favourite paintings. I took more pictures of the works, but I haven’t post them all on the internet. ^^;

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I have a problem with my acnee…


Hello, everyone! ♥

I think I told you a while ago that I have a problem with the acnee, even though I’m in the mid 20s. At this age, when most of the girls have clean, beautiful faces, my faces looks like pizza and people who don’t know me instead of asking me: “When are you getting married?” they ask me: “In which year of High School are you?” Yes, people think I’m 15-16 years old. Probably is also because of the fact that I dress most of the time casually, not office, but that’s another story.

The thing is my mother keeps annoying me with this acnee problem. Why I don’t increase the dosage of the medication? Why do I have so big zits? Why does my face look like that? and so on. And to be honest I got sick and tired of these discussion. Every time we start a topic for discussions my mother interrupts me with: “You have another zit coming out!” So what? .-. What am I supposed to do now? .-. Continue reading

Some blog changes

pisiHello, eveyone! ♥

So I have decided to make some changes into my blog. In my about me page, there used to be some things that I wrote about 8 months ago because I got cyber bullied and I had to stand up some way. ^^; Now that a lot of time has passed since that event, I have decided to eliminate those “principles” and leave the ones that are strictly related to my blog content. Also I own the ones who read my bio some extra explanations. ^^; Continue reading

Typhoon in Romania

Hello, everyone! ♥

About 3 days ago my little hometown was hit by a huge storm and it wasn’t just a storm, it was literally a typhoon. But let me get from the beginning.

Everything started with a very hot and humid day. It was so hot, that I was literally sweating inside the room while sitting at the desk. It felt almost like in a huge sauna. On that day, Monday, August, the 4th, me and my mom have planned to go to the cathedral, to the memorial of a Catholic solitary monk who died on Thursday, July 28th, from a heart attack and that memorial was scheduled for 7 pm in the evening. At 6:20 pm I heard a strange noise coming from outside and when I opened the window it was a heavy rain fall even though the sun was very bright.

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Treaty about individuality


Hello, everyone! ♥

Today’s post is going to be about individuality, an issue discussed by a lot of people. I guess that each one of you was asked: why can’t you be more like your mother/father/friend/classmates/the rest of the world? Well, the answer is you can’t be like them, because you are not your mother, you are not your father, you are not your friend, you are not your classmates and, definetly you are not the rest of the world! You are you and you are limited edition! :D

My individuality has been an issue to me since I was a child and no, I wasn’t blamed for being a copy cat; I was blamed for being different. In kindergarden I was blamed by the educator for not being the typical little girl who is supposed to wear dresses and bows in her hair and the educator was scolding me for that. The same shit was in Elementary School and in High School and College my individuality turned into me being against the world. Continue reading

The flood disaster from Southwest Romania


Hello, everyone! ♥

As you can see, this year the weather in my country went form being too dry to being very rainy and this fact as caused in certain areas catastrophies. Romania is a country with a very rich river network meaning that there are countless riveres here and some of them are not even represented on the map. But no matter how big or small the river is, each one can cause a chain reaction. If one river gets flooded, than the rivers connected to that one also get flooded and this is how the whole area is in danger.

Floods in Romania take place about every 5 to 10 years depending on the degree of damage. Even my hometown which is also crossed by a river, which is quite big, might be in danger to be flooded. But this means that it has to rain a lot, like 80-100 liters/sqm and for a certain number of days. This is how much it rained in Southwest Romania in the past week and it resulted in huge floods and countless damage and even deaths.

Regardless the fact that the people in that area were left with nothing but the clothes they wear, some people who are outside the flooded area were quite jugdemental towards the sinistrials. “Why haven’t they made insurance?”, “Why do they build houses near the river stream?”, ” Why don’t they build dams?” and so on. And, yes, these questions are ok to be asked since it isn’t the first time and not even the last time Romania is facing catastrophic floods, especially if you truly understand the geographic conditions of Romania. In this post I would like to answer myself these questions with my personal opinion towards these situations which people could have done in order to avoid disaster. Continue reading

Life in the countryside #6: Entertainment

Hello, everyone! ♥

Finally I got to the last post of my countryside series and if you haven’t read them yet, you can find the previous parts here:

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In my last post I will be talking about entertainment in the countryside or how to make time pass faster. :D As you can see, time is relative: in certain situations it passes fast and in other situation it passes slow. Whenever I go to the countryside, time seems to pass slow, especially because my grandfather doesn’t use the Daylight Saving Time. So we always get confused when we have to know what time is it. x) Another reason why time passes slow in the countryside is related to modern technology: my grandfather doesn’t even have television, not to mention internet connection. My grandfather was even afraid of the classic telephone and that’s why whenever we have to make a call in the village, we call the aunt’s house. The last reason why time passes slow is because I don’t have anyone my age to talk with.

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Life in the countryside #5: The door lock

Hello, everyone! ♥

Well can’t believe it, but here I am on the 5th part of my countryside adventures. I guess that being in the countryside wasn’t quite 100% boring since I had a lot to blog about. ^^;

I remind you again that if you haven’t read the previous parts, you can find them here:

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Today I am going to talk about a very awkward situation and to I will prove you the fact that the air head condition is contageous. I am going to tell you how I broke the door lock at my aunt’s house. :D Continue reading

Life in the countryside #4: The septic pit

Hello, everyone!♥

So here I am getting to the next part of my countryside adventures. If you haven’t read them yet, you can read the previous parts here:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

In the following parts I will talk about the main events that happened during those 2 weeks I spent at the countryside. The stories are quite long so I have decided to divide them in other parts. ^^; These events involve the daily lives of the people who live in my mother’s village. And once you stay at the countryside for at least 1 week, you might notice that some of the villagers are a bit air headed. ^^; But let me start the series of short stories to get more clear:

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