A small essay about “Madness” and Crossfaith

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Crossfaith’s newest song “Madness” has only been released for short time and I have already seen some negative feedback about the song. Of course, I also had negative feedback, but as you can see in this post, most of the feedback was about the way the music video was directed and on this part the boys from Crossfaith are not to blame, the director of the music video is. :D After they finally uploaded the video on Youtube, I have been reading through comments and I have seen quite a lot of them showing dissapointment towards the song.  Continue reading

Crossfaith “Madness” music video review

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Finally! \(^o^)/ After seven annoying teasers, the video from Crossfaith called Madness was released yesterday and today I had the occasion to take the first views thanks to this article from Visual Ioner Blog. And as I promised before, I said that I will write a review of this music video since the band had so many teasers on it. :D  Continue reading

Crossfaith, the band with a lot of teasers

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This is my second post for today! :D Well, it is Sunday afterall, I am still home alone so I have quality time to express my inner thoughts. This time I am going to talk about my latest love: Crossfaith. ♥♥♥  Before reading this post, please don’t get me wrong! I really love this band and I am really crazy about their music. This post is just a small pamphelt towards teasing the fans with a new single called Madness that will be released on September, the 17th. :D Continue reading

The back to school post


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I had a quite rough weekend, even though I was home alone. It was another note to self: “Asian food is eaten only fresh and should never be reheated!” I had Chinese food cooked by me and it seems that in the evening, because of all the spice and garlic it has caused me a small gall crisis, which consisted in stomach ache and the sensation that I am full even though I haven’t eaten much. Also I got stomach burns to complete all the trouble. Which is why on Friday and Saturday I wasn’t quite on myself so I had to drink lots of herbal tea to purge the liver. x)

Anyway, I wasn’t going to talk about health issues associated with bad eating habits, I am going to talk about a major event from the beginning of fall: the beginning of a new school year or back to school moment. In Romania (I probably said once again) school starts on September 15th and ends on June 15th. The school year is divided in two semesters and has about 3 breaks: the Christmas break (2 weeks), winter break that closes the first semester (1 week) and Easter break (1 week). This was the schedule for school year 2013-2014, because here in Romania the educational system changes the way the winds changes its direction.

In this post I am going to talk about the feeling of going back to school from the student’s point of view. It was a special time of the year like Christmas, Easter or summer vacation. The beginning of a new school year was probably similar with New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Day you make new year resolutions and on the first day of school you also make resolutions where you promise yourself that you are going to do your best with studying. But we all know that is not going to be like that! :D  In this post I am going to show you a side of the school life which was brighter, funnier and that would make you want to re-live those years. School life wasn’t always about bullying or fucked up school curricula it was also about the only moment in life when you didn’t have to worry about job hunting, high grade battle for scholarship, uncertain future and other things that happen after you graduate High School and enter College life. In this post I am going to show you what school life was from my point of view in different steps. Continue reading

Train vs car: which one is better?


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Here it is another post  in which is discussed another sensible topic: which means of transport is better to use here in Romania, the train or the car? I have decided to write this post given the fact that I had different upleasant experiences with cars both from the driver’s point of view and from the passanger’s point of view. Of course, I am not saying that all the trains from Romania are very good, because their conditions are not as in the Western countries and also they are way behind the Shinkansen from Japan. But I want to emphasise the fact that from the accidents point of view, trains are safer than cars. And here are the arguments: Continue reading

Do I really have to keep in touch with classmates?

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I haven’t updated lately. It seems that I had a very busy week. Well you know, it is fall and in Romania, at the beginning of fall you must make the annual food stock for winter, which I kind of dislike. But I love eating so… (^-^;)

Anyway, in this post I am going to discuss about a sensible topic which I have been discussing with my folks over the years. This topic is about keeping in touch with classmates and college mates. To be honest I don’t keep in touch with my former classmates or college mates. My folks find this wrong and a sign of me being cold hearted, but I will prove you here they were wrong. Keeping in touch with your classmates or college mates is not quite necessary, especially if with most of them you don’t get along. And I am going to start explaining slowly: Continue reading

Some other things to be cleared


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It’s a wonderful Sunday and I am going to spend my day outside. :D All I want to say in this short post is a couple of things related to this blog content. Being a blogger means that from time to time you need to seek for some feedback. No matter if the feedback is positive or negative, sometimes certain things either need some improvements or they need to be changed in order not to have any unpleasant experiences.

Which is why I have a couple of things that I want to make it clear: Continue reading

The single essay

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First of all, before reading this post, I would like you to be aware of the fact that no one is complaining around here. :D This is just a post that lists some missconceptions (in my point of view) about people who are single and who hardly find a partner. And because there might be people who missunderstand this post or read between the lines and would still believe that I (the author) am complaining, I would like to mention that this might be the last post about relationships. :D Continue reading

The life in the Romanian college campus


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This post started from this article that I randomly found on the internet while reading something else. The article is in Romanian so I will explain on short what it describes: the author wrote in a sarcastic manner about the conditions in Romanian college campuses. And as it always happens, when you have a totally different opinion from the rest of the world, a war is starting. The article was very interesting, especially because me and the author are on the same boat. :D I have also written my negative experiences in the Romanian college campus and if you are curious, you can read it here.

The problem is that most of the readers didn’t understand that the article was actually a pamphlet and most of the comments were quite full of hate towards the author. I have studied the comments and I have noticed that all the people who were having negative feedbacks towards the article were practically saying the same things. And here’s another episode of missconceptions. Continue reading

Why you shouldn’t refuse a vaccine


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Recently I had a disscusion on the internet and I was asked what was my opinion on vaccines. And I said I have a totally good opinion about vaccines and that every year I take the flu vaccine in order to avoid getting flu. I told you before that I once had flu and I had 40ºC fever and I will never want to repeat this experience. And that person I discussed with seemed to have a very negative opinion towards vaccines in general. Why? Because he stated that he once took the flu vaccine and got asthma because of it. I don’t recall any case of people having asthma because of the flu shot, but then he added that he had a cold when he took the shot. Well I am sorry to say this but it is written in the prescription that flu vaccine should never be taken if you have cold or flu sympthomes. I mean, even the doctor asks you if you have any cold or flu symthoms before taking the shot and if there are some, then the immunisation will be postponed.   Continue reading