Short stuff #18: False alarm and spring cleaning in the blog


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It was such a long week! I spent it making the largest building drawing I ever made in my career! :o It is an “L”-shaped multi storey residential building from my dear hometown. Me and my Master thesis promoter have chosen that building from which I have to create a benchmark model and to introduce it in DesignBuilder to run a simulation on thermal behavior and energy performance. About this building and how is going to be modeled in DesignBuilder I am going to talk in a special post. :D In this blog post I am going to summerize a few stuff that has been going on in the past days.  Continue reading

Things to do if the Internet is down


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Last Saturday, the internet connection from the student’s residence I live in was down. The whole building didn’t have internet connection from around 1 pm until 11 pm, when the residence staff has fixed it. While the internet was down, it was the only time I have seen the students out of their rooms. They all went in the residence’s lobby to connect to the wireless network available there. And I have also noticed that everyone was in a state of anxiety as if it was the end of the world. Continue reading

How to overcome a boring vacation if you are an extravert


An extraverted person is likely to enjoy time spent with people and find less reward in time spent alone. They tend to be energized when around other people, and they are more prone to boredom when they are by themselves.

Source: Wikipedia

Hello, everyone! <3

After the Catholic Easter which was observed on April 5th this year, I got 1 week vacation. And on that week off I have decided to have some city breaks in Brussels and in another city at choice from Belgium, depending on my available budget. Because I don’t like to go alone in some places (except shopping for grocery, clothes and make-up), I thought I would invite someone to keep me company. The two way train tickets would be my treat. :) The idea was also to have someone to guide me around the huge train station and the city. :D I had in mind Plan A and Plan B. Plan A failed, because that person has started to study for exams 1 1/2 months before the exam session. In Belgium the exam session starts on May 18th and at the time I found that it was April 6th. :) Plan B failed because that person was out of town in that period. So, because I had no one to go with on that city break, I have decided to cancel the plans. :( Continue reading

Romanian Culture #10: Romanian Easter superstitions


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I haven’t written for long an episode about the Romanian culture and because today we celebrate the Orthodox Easter, it is the good occasion to talk about it. The Orthodox Easter is usually celebrated a week later from the Catholic Easter, except once in 4 or 6 years when this huge Christian celebration falls on the same date. The reason why the Orthodox church observes Easter on a different date from the Catholic church is because the Orthodox church uses the Julian calendar, not the Gregorian one. And that’s why the Julian Easter is delayed with 1 week from the Gregorian Easter. I have to mention that as Romanian Greek-Catholic (and the other Romanians who are Greek-Catholics and Orthodox), I only celebrate Easter by the Julian calendar. I celebrate Christmas on December 25th, after the Gregorian calendar more exactly. :)  Continue reading

8 Romanian reality shows that I have seen

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I know it sounds funny, but I am a fan of reality shows. :D I know they follow a certain script and I know that characters involved in the reality show are mostly second hand actors. Reality shows are the way I relax from the stressful day. And, of course, the tastes are not to be discussed! :) This post is dedicated to reality show fans like me. E! Entertainment and TLC are not the only TV channels where you can find good reality shows. Of course, I am going to discuss about the reality shows I have seen on this channels in a different post. :D This post is about reality shows from Romania that I have seen and I am going to make a small summary and review about each one. :D So, here you go! Continue reading

Stay strong, Ruki!

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I have noticed that some of you, 6th Guns, are asking yourself about what happened to the vocalist of The GazettE, Ruki... What is with this “Stay strong, Ruki!” Well, the story is quite short. I have found about it yesterday and I have decided to share this with the 6th Guns who don’t know about the situation yet. :) Continue reading

6 symthomps that you have a crush on someone and tips to overcome them


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In this post I am going to talk about one of strongest humang feelings. This feeling of having a crush on someone starts the moment we hit puberty and it will affect us the moment we see that person we believe is special for us. :D I am going to talk about the sympthoms you have when you have a crush on someone. Of course, this is nothing new to you! :D The tips I am giving to overcome these sympthoms are new because they are based on my personal experience. :D Having a crush on someone is a double edged sword: on the one side you feel wonderful, you see life in pink, but on the otherside is full of stress and overthinking and your life may see to you useless without the attention of your crush. :)  Continue reading