The beauty stereotype of female engineers


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As I was surfing the internet on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when the weather was too shitty to go outside, I found an article from a local newspaper. The article was describing a girl who won the title of beauty queen back in 2014, at a local festival. I won’t give link to the newspaper article because most of it is not relevant to the subject of the post. Plus, the article is written in Romanian. :D There was one thing that caught my attention and this was the reason that made me write this post. Continue reading

5 reasons why some people don’t go clubbing


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I know it’s been a while since I have posted something here. Well I did prepare this post in the draft since my working tasks were a bit loose in the past week. I thought I might post it until weekend. But for personal reasons I felt quite down and I had to concentrate on the things that lift me up again such as talking to friends and family to distract myself. Right now I am fine and releaved that the problem was solved. :D I can now move on and look forward to a new week and also to the Easter vacation. :D Continue reading

12 Romanian movies that I have seen

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Since I came in Belgium, I have been watching almost every night Romanian movies, probably because I wanted to hear people speaking my native language, but most likely is because there are some Romanian  movies that I really like and I wanted to see them again. :D As I was walking back to the student residence from the office, I have thought that it would be a good idea to share these movies which I have watched in the past weeks. So here you have a list of 12 Romanian movies which I have seen along with a short synopsis and my personal review on them. :D The ratings were taken from IMDb website. The movies descriptions do not contain spoilers. :D Continue reading

The study of Sustainable Buildings Design

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Probably I have said it, probably not, that here in Belgium I am writing my Master thesis in Sustainable Buildings Design and, more exaclty, Sustainable Buildings Design in the Romanian context. This is the reason why I have been so busy since I came to Belgium and why, some how, I feel that I neglected a bit this blog. In the past two weeks I was look for all the information about designing sustainable buildings in Romania, I have read about 60 publications and this topic and I have review about 35 publication. This aspect was done in order to establish the state-of-the-art in this field and to see what can be improved in this field and what new information can be brought. :) Continue reading

The GazettE are in for a new surprise

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I haven’t posted here since last week and the reason is the same: I am busy with writing the Master thesis and I am very engaged into to it because Sustainable Buildings Design is my favourite subject to talk about and since it is my favourite, I am going to talk about it in a separate post which will be scheduled. :) In this post I am going to talk again about my beloved Japanese rock band, The GazettE. <3 Continue reading

Short stuff #17: Deadlines and dealines

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I am really sorry for the lack of updates! :( In the past weeks I have been quite full of deadlines regarding my research for the Master Thesis. I have gathered a total of 80 publications in my Literature Survey List which all have to be read and sorted into the Literature Review Matrix, as the coordinator teacher suggested. I still have to read 24 articles and in order to keep up with the schedule, I will also have to work on Sunday. That won’t be a problem since Sundays are sometimes very boring for me. :D  Continue reading

Antivaccine propaganda and misconceptions about vaccines


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Here’s another post from the saga “Antivaccine campaign” and it is a saga because I have written a lot about the importance of vaccines and about the antivaccine propaganda that takes place recently. At first, I would like to remind you about the previous episodes by listing them here and by recommending you to read them first before moving on with this article: Continue reading