Brace yourselves! Summer is coming!


Hello, everyone! <3

I know that summer is coming when I see a lot of poppy flowers blooming in the grass. And along with summer, the school year is ending and summer break is starting. For the ones who are still in school, this is a moment of joy! Yay, school is out in a month! Can’t wait for summer vacation! For the ones who are graduating, like me, this is quite a moment of sadness. We all feel it no matter if we graduate high school, college or Master studies. Why? Because we know that is time to grow up and start a new life.  Continue reading

Romanian Culture #11: School uniforms in Romania

Hello, everyone! <3

It’s been quite long since I have written the last episode of the Romanian Culture series on this blog. Therefore, it is time for a new episode after I found this article which presents a short history about school uniforms. This article is written in Romanian and inspired by it I have decided to present a short history about school uniforms in Romania. Yes, in Romanian schools, just like in Japan, students used to wear uniforms. But, let’s start from the beginning. :D Continue reading

7 weeks left

Hello, everyone! <3

I have been very busy in the past week, so I am sorry for the lack of updates. I have prepared in the draft some blog posts, but I didn’t get the chance to finish them. I hope I will finish them this weekend.

The first issue: the DesignBuilder 30-day trial has expired and I have installed it on the department’s computer. Since the department’s computer is stronger and better for simulation, I am going to work on it from now on. The problem was that I couldn’t activate the 30-day trial license for DesignBuilder. I kept having an error regarding the HTTP and no matter how many times I generated a new activation code, I kept on getting the same one. The problem came from the university’s very secured server which kept on blocking the transfer between the department’s pc and the DesignBuilder’s server. In the end the problem was solved and I can move on with my work. Continue reading

Manifest for television without crap

Hello, everyone! <3

This month in Romania the hosts of the pamphlet tv show “Cronica Carcotasilor” have started a petition to stop broadcasting crappy tv shows. The crappy tv shows from Romania are the ones who have as guests pseudo-stars involved into fictitious scandals. These pseudo-stars are mostly plastic girls, so called artists or stars that were forgotten by the public. The major problems with these tv shows are the nudity and the explicit vulgar language, problems which most of the times appear at an inadecvate hours (like 5 pm), when children may watch. The hosts of the tv show “Cronica Carcotasilor” plan to gather as many as signatures as they can and then send the petition to the Romanian authority for audio-visual called CNA and to the Romanian Government.  Continue reading

Keep it short

Hello, everyone! <3

I was surfing around the best posts that my favourite blogger had along the years and I found out one from 2007 that was entitled ”De ce scriu atât de scurt?”  The article can be found here and is written in Romanian.  

In English the title means “Why do I write so short?” The blogger explained to his readers the reasons why his blog posts have maxiumum 500 words. The first reason was that it is his blog and he writes however he likes. The second reason was that he was busy with other stuff. Plus, is not his style to say few things in lots of words just to have a lot of text on the blog. This means that something that is told in 100 words, will be summerized in 30-50 words and whoever wants more details should search for more detailed sources.  Continue reading

Self analysis: what makes you happy and what makes you sad. How to avoid social pressure

Hello, everyone! <3

We all have our moments of depression, when we feel like the world is against us or when we feel like our life sucks or we are worthless members of the society. From time to time these blue days are triggered by certain problems in our daily life. Some people become depressed because they have a shitty job, some are depressed because of unemployment, some because a member of their family is sick and the list may go on. The problem becomes serious when these blue days become more often and the person who has them is on the edge of having depression. Depression is this century’s disease along with morbid obesity and cancer. A lot of people are becoming depressed because of the daily life problems and social pressure. Continue reading