Antivaccine propaganda and misconceptions about vaccines


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Here’s another post from the saga “Antivaccine campaign” and it is a saga because I have written a lot about the importance of vaccines and about the antivaccine propaganda that takes place recently. At first, I would like to remind you about the previous episodes by listing them here and by recommending you to read them first before moving on with this article: Continue reading

To move out or not to move out?


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“To move out or not to move out?”  That is the question that most of the exchange students have asked themselves since they came here.  Most of the exchange students who want to move out are Bachelor level students. Some of them have managed to find themselves a room at a reasonable price, others are still search for a room to rent. Why do some exchange students want to move out from the campus? Here are the following big reasons why: Continue reading

Romanian Culture #9: The beginning of Easter Fast period

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It’s been long since I have written something about Romanian culture. I guess there haven’t been any important holidays until now. :D In Romania, in this period, it is the beginning of the Easter Fast which is the longest fast period in the year, it lasts 40 days, and also the hardest one because of the food restrictions. In this post I am going to talk about a Romanian tradition at the beginning of Easter Fast which is mostly specific to Transylvania region and which is called in Romanian “Silita”. This word doesn’t have an English equivalent so I am going its Romanian form. Continue reading




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I am sorry for the lack of posts. As I have told you before, I am busy with writing the Master Thesis and also since I have been in Belgium (that’s almost 3 weeks, wow, how time flies!) I’ve been busy meeting new people. In this post I just want to talk about something sensbile, since I haven’t talked about it recently. There is something that grinded my gears last weeks and I really felt that I want to discuss about it here.  Continue reading

Single on Valentine’s Day

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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I have noticed that almost every year is the same: people complaining about being single on Valentine’s Day, people putting pressure on the ones who are single, people try to show how perfect is their couple on Social Media. Lots of hearts, lots of pink, lots of sugar, lots of diabetees. :D I am going to concentrate mostly on being single on Valentine’s Day in just a few short arguments: Continue reading

Life in the Belgian College campus

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I am sorry for the lack of updates, but it seems that since I decided to write my Master thesis in Belgium things have changed quite a bit. Writing a Master thesis here in Belgium is way different than in Romania. In order to be near the coordinatior teacher I have to be in the college from 9 am until 5 pm everyday. This is something that doesn’t happen back in Romania. But let’s take it from the beginning about the things that happened in the past week. Continue reading

Antivaccines campaigns in Romania

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I have written before about the reasons why you shouldn’t refuse a vaccine, but I am going to write again about the antivaccine campaigns after I read this article yesterday. The article is written in Romanian, but I am going to tell you on short what is all about.

In the article it is stated that in Romania the vaccination of children agains measles and rubella has decreased to 75% and it is with 20% less than the percentage recommended by the World Health Organisation. That’s why in Romania, in the recent years, was the largest measles and rubella outbreak in Europe. :/ Also the vaccination against difteria, whooping cough and tetanus has decreased to 90%. How could this happened? Why is Romania stepping back when it comes to eradicate diseases that may cause outbreaks easily instead of stepping forward?  Continue reading