Going on vacation

It’s about time I took a vacation. I will be going somewhere, in a tropical country with shirtless guys everywhere! :D Just kidding! :D I will be going on the country side… For a week! I won’t have internet connection all day. But that’s fine! I sometimes need a break from online! :D I will have to do some catching up with my relatives and tell the tales of Belgium!

So, see you soon, dear readers! ;)

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The Summer Guide #2: How to avoid heat strokes and/or sun burns

I have been quite absent from the blog these days. That’s because I returned to Romania and things have been a bit busy. As a present, I brought from Belgium a huge heat wave. It was unusually hot in the last days I spent in Belgium. People say it hasn’t been like that for 100 years. And now the heat wave is here, in East Europe and brought temperatures around 35 to 40°C.  Continue reading

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Common sense: refusing invitations

During my stay in Belgium, I tried to make new friends. It was a bit hard because my personal budget was East European and couldn’t keep up with others. Plus I was working around 40 hrs/week on my thesis. Therefore I was quite happy when I met some people from my homeland to hang out with. They seemed to be very interested in becoming friends with me, until I made my move. I wanted to invite them on a city break in Brussels. They didn’t have to worry about money, because the train ticket was on me. In the beginning these people seemed interested in the idea and when I was about to apply it, they suddenly turned busy. Continue reading

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Major changes of the blog

Hello, everyone! <3

In the free time I had the past days I made some major changes in my blog. There are two reasons why I decided to make these changes: my blog’s 2nd anniversary is coming and I am finishing the Master studies so I can say from now on that I am a professional civil engineer. Therefore my blog has to look professional. ;)  Continue reading

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Some things that I learned as foreign exchange student

Hello, everyone! <3

My exchange student experience is coming to end and next week I will return to my homeland. These 5 months have been both happy and sad. :) But regardless the sad moments, the exchange student experience was wonderful and interesting because in a very short period of time I met a lot of different cultures. :D I am also somehow perfectionist, so I often say that things could have been better. But, of course, I will try to highlight the good stuff from my exchange student experience. :D

After these 5 months spent in Belgium as exchange student I have decided to list some things I have learnt during my stay. These aspects are not related to my work in the university or to the accomodation or any other technical stuff. They are just everyday personal experiences outside the school work. And here are the things I learnt as foreign exchange student:  Continue reading

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Romanian Culture #12: The ultra vegan diet of the Romanian villagers from the 19th century

Hello, everyone! <3

I am starting this week with another episode of the Romanian Culture series. In this episode I am going to talk about the ultra vegan diet of the Romanian villagers from the the 19th century. I have been meaning to write about this subject ever since I found this article on the internet. But since I had a lot of work to do on my Master Thesis, I have postponed this episode. :) The article talks about a Romanian historian from Cluj-Napoca named Constantin Barbulescu who wrote a book about the health situation in Romania, in the 19th century. The book is called “Romania according to doctors” (translated from Romanian “Romania medicilor”) and gathers confessions of doctors who worked in the rural area. The confessions are about the personal hygene, diet, family life of the Romanian villagers from the 19th century. Continue reading

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The Summer Guide: How to avoid being struck by lightning

Hello, everyone! <3

Summer is a lovely season. It’s warm, you don’t wear a lot of layers of clothes, you have vacation and so on. But despite the beautiful things we enjoy during this season, summer also has its dark sides. That’s why I came up with this unusual Summer Guide. Why is so unusual? Because in this guide you won’t find information about vacation destinations or about what swim wear is trendy this year. This Summer Guide is ment to offer you tips on how to avoid the most common summer accidents: lightning strikes, heat strokes, sun burns, stomach flu/food poisoning and drowning in river/lakes/sea. 

The first episode of this mini series is dedicated to lightning strikes. I know it may sound a funny topic, but being struck by lightning is not to be laughed at. In Romania there isn’t a summer without 2-3 people who die or end up in hospital because they were struck by lightning. And this happens because most people don’t have basic knowledge in Physics or they simply ignore the facts which everyone learns about in Elementary School. These people without basic knowledge in Physics live in the rural areas of Romania. Most of them tend to believe that you get struck by lighting because God wanted you to pay for your sins and not because you have certain metal stuff nearby or you happened to be the tallest object in the way. Continue reading

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