Best and worst of 2013. Plans for 2014


This, my friends and readers, is the last post of year 2013, an ass year I must say. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Snake is the symbol of wisdom and year 2013 was the Year of the Snake governed by the element Water. And it’s still the Year of Snake until January 30th, 2014 because Chinese New Year is on February, 10th. (I hope I’m not mistaking) Anyway, I was born on October 24th, 1989 and that date was also in The Year of Snake governed by the element Earth. Leaving this zodiacal analysis, I must stay that year 2013 was an ass year for me because it felt like a rollercoaster. I was up and I was down. (-_-;)

The ups and down of Year 2013, the Year of Snake, which was supposed to be the best year but it wasn’t quite the best:

1. Year 2013 started like ass. I spent the New Year Day in a chalet which was suspiciously cheap. It costed about 13€ for 3 night. And I found out why it was so cheap: it was because it didn’t have heating! (><) So I stayed at 4ºC for three days and we were heating the rooms with electric heaters. And my boyfriend was an ass because he didn’t give me all the details. (><)

2. My boyfriend went to Italy out of blues because his older brother needed his help. He stayed for about 4 months. I have spent 36€ on prepay cards which offer phone call service abroad in the European Union space! And that’s because his older brother didn’t come out of the cave and still prefers being called from Romania by the relatives by using roaming service instead of using Skype which is for free. With 36€ I could have bought 3 webcams by now! (><)

3. Here is an up. I graduated Civil Engineering school as valedictorian. No more details or people would think I’m perky. And at the moment I can whipe my ass with the title as long as there are illiterate people who have more success than I do. (T~T) The values in my country are bit up-side-down.

4. The final exam that give me the “engineer” title was a shit. This is was the moment when the snake in me stroke. I opened my eyes wide and I realized that corruption in Romania is too damn high and is at all the levels!

5. Here is an up. My mother became vicemayor/deputy (don’t know the correct English word) in my hometown because the old vicemayor has quit do to health issues. Well, she was born in the Year of the Rat (1960) so no wonder why she had succes. :’D

6. I started Master programme in Structural Engineering. I made new friends. I am still college mate with old assholes. But they don’t matter anymore and they don’t come to school that often because they have jobs. After I started Master level I became totally lazy (well, not quite ^_^;)

And now after numbering the major ups and downs of year 2013, it’s time to make the New Year Resolutions. I know some people don’t believe in New Year Resolution, but for me it’s just like establishing my long term goals. I need a purpose in order to have the ambition to work for it. So, based on the previous experience, here are the following New Year Resolutions:

1. Have a healthy lifestyle

I have said this  a million times, I know! (^_^;) But this time I mean it! Not only that I want to lose weight (God know how much I gained because of Christimas) but I really want to change my whole lifestyle. I want to try and go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I want to workout everyday for at least 30 minutes. I have also found my favourite type of workout. \(^o^)/ During winter, I’m going to workout indoor and use dance workout and when spring will come and the weather will get warmer, I’m going to play tennis. (^_^) Of course, I will also find some other outdoor activity besides that, but tennis is what came out in my mind. Also, due to the fact that I have allergy to chocolate, I will try to eat it as rare as possible along with other types of sweets and crap food and fizzy drinks. Instead it will be only home cooked meals, green tea and oolong tea. And as snacks only almonds and pistachio instead of chocolate bars.

2. Have an organised schedule

As much as I can… (^_^;) I know that the College schedule can be sometimes as an ass because it mostly depends on the teachers, but I’ll try as much as I can to have an organised agenda in order to avoid busy days and stress and anger.

3. Study Japanese

It’s a must! I’m planning to go to Japan someday with Vulcanus Scholarship for engineers. The programs takes 1 year, but it’s going to be one awesome year if you are selected. (^_^) So in order to have some chances into being selected, I will study Japanese as my third foreign language besides English and German. And I’m going to start with Hiragana and Katakana because I’m a bit frustrated for being illiterate! (^_^;) I think five characters per week will do the trick! It’s going to be fun! I’m going to feel like in the first grade! \(^o^)/

4. Meet new people

I’ll try to meet as much as I can new people. (^_^) And I’m trying to find an entourage in which I can fit very well. I don’t want to hang out with people who get drunk like pigs and who sometimes smoke weed. (-_-;) Honestly, if i weren’t a lone wolf I would have gone with the flock, if you know what I mean. So I’m trying to find people who are in College and are interested in studying (of course, because you can be in College and don’t give a damn on school), who have good taste in music, who love reading, who don’t get drunk like boars. In one word, people who have something interesting to share. (^_^;)

5. Searching for love

It’s funny but even though I have a boyfriend, I’m searching for love. It is sad, but I realized that our paths don’t cross. My boyfriend doesn’t like studing. I think I was stupid trying to convince or present the advantages of working in an office compared to living the harsh conditions of an immigrant who doesn’t work with contract. Yeah, I did try to change someone, I feel sorry! (-_-;) If this is the lifestyle he likes, then let it be. (T~T) And to be honest, I don’t think he has anything to share to me. There are more other stuff that make me go search for someone else. I’d rather keep those reasons for myself. (^_^;)

So this is mostly all my 2014 resolutions. I just hope I will stick to all of them! (^_^;)

I wish you to have a Happy New Year! And see you in 2014 with new interesting posts! (^o^)/

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  1. Good luck with the Japanese! I feel strange saying this to someone whose English is vastly superior to my Japanese (AND you know German, too? Wow.) but as someone who has studied the language, I recommend studying katakana first. Not because it’s more useful or easy, but because Japanese uses katakana for foreign words. Because Japanese uses a lot of foreign words, that means you’ll be able to read a lot of words almost as soon as you start. It doesn’t help in the long run, but it’s a great confidence and motivation boost early on.

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